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The Challenge:

Wavetrain Cinemas came to us looking to improve SEO but left with an entirely new online presence. We took Wavetrain through our Thrive Story Workshop, refined their positioning in the market and dug deep into their target personas.  The insights we learned lead to a brand update, modernizing the logo and redesigning the website to engage and convert their target clients. The end result is below.


Website mockup wavetrain 2

branding wavetrain

Following Results

Since the launch of the website we have seen incredible results with search results skyrocketing and keywords hitting page one for the first time. Notice the beautiful upward curve on search ranking with positions across the board increasing by 324 places over a 4 month period.


Snapshot of results from the last 3 months vs the previous period:

  • The average position of all their keywords down 27% (down is a good thing in this case as your target is #1 on Google, not #100)
  • Organic clicks (traffic) from Google organic search is up 82% with 439 people finding the site organically.
  • Google is starting to love their website seen by the 172% increase in impressions (number of times the website is shown on organic search)


Client Testimonial:

Cathrine at Thrive Tech has been an amazing company to do business with. Driven to deliver measurable results, Thrive go beyond SEO and looks at whether your company brand is on point to capture leads generated by your SEO. We found this work essential to streamlining our brand and what we are looking to achieve. We could not rate Thrive more highly and would happily act as a reference for anyone interested in discussing the process we went through.

David Moseley | Managing Director – Wavetrain Cinemas


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