What To Expect From Your SEO Audit


These are errors Google will find with your website and penalize you for. Common errors we see are lack of SSL encryption, broken internal and external links, slow page load speeds, outdated plugins, mobile usability, unminified CSS and Javascript. These can be simple DIY fixes or complex & extensive to rectify.


We will determine what your current visibility is on Google for all keywords, how much monthly traffic you are receiving and what your top pages are. We will assess your local presence, backlink profile and social visibility. Furthermore we will look at what you are already doing right so you can do more of it. 


By analysing your core keywords we will determine what the monthly search volume for those terms are, the competitive difficulty of those terms and the average cost per click if paid ads are being used. We will be able to identify who your biggest competition are and the difficulty in beating them.


Lastly we will investigate some quick wins you could implement which require minimal effort for maximum effect. This could mean the identification of related keywords which have high search volume but low competitive difficulty, or a combo of quick technical fixes which when combined deliver high value.

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In order for us to provide a useful SEO audit we need some key information from you. Well run your site through our top of the range marketing tools to determine if there any issues which may be holding you back, what you are currently ranking for and how simple/difficult it would be for you to dominate your target keyword(s).

Any additional info you can supply will allow us to delve deeper and provide more value in the audit. The more we have to work with, the more we can do. See our SEO services for more info.

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Thrive Tech has been an amazing company to do business with. Driven to deliver measurable results, Thrive go beyond SEO and look at whether your company brand is on point to capture leads generated by your SEO. We found this work essential to streamlining our brand and what we are looking to achieve. We could not rate Thrive more highly and would happily act as a reference for anyone interested in discussing the process we went through.


David Moseley | Managing Director

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