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Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the one of the core pillars of a digital marketing strategy and crucial to achieving long lasting, consistent results. We believe in taking a scientific approach to SEO. Google search uses an algorithm which is based on weightings of key factors. Once you understand these factors and weightings you can optimize correctly and be rewarded. Our SEO activities incorporate on page, off page and local SEO optimizations to get our clients to the top positions.

Before we can decide on a SEO strategy the first step is to perform an in depth audit to determine any technical issues with your website, your current organic rankings and what opportunities are available. Hit the button below to inquire about our SEO audits or read on to find out more about our services.

On Page SEO


On-page SEO relates to whats on your website and involves structuring your site and pages in a way that suits how search engines crawl. We separate on page SEO into two camps which we call micro and macro optimizations.

Micro relates to page specific optimizations which include heading hierarchy, meta title and description, keyword density, image alt tags, schema and page load speeds. Macro optimization refers to site wide optimizations which include fixing technical errors, URL structures, site architecture, internal linking and overall site load speed.

Off Page SEO


Off-page SEO is anything done for SEO purposes off your website. This would be on other websites or social pages you own. Backlinks use third party sources (websites you don’t own) to  prove to Google that your content is valuable to users and worth being referenced. This has been revealed as one of the key ranking signals. 

Our primary strategy here is to acquire high quality backlinks through outreach, authoritative guest posting, broken link building & citation registration. 

Local SEO


Local SEO refers to ranking for searches in the geographical area relevant to your business. This is key when customers are searching for services and/or products which are in the same suburb, city or country as them.

Our strategy here is to focus on creating and optimizing your Google My Business account so you appear on the local pack  (map listing) and offer any relevant features so customers can call, view a product, book an appointment or get directions to your business directly from the listing result. We also target building reviews from your existing and future customers.

Content Writing


Content is the lifeblood of any digital marketing effort and another one of Googles key ranking signals. The content we create is based of a keyword strategy which boosts key rankings, is relevant to your business and useful to your readers.

While we make sure all your content is SEO optimized for Google’s Bots, it still needs to be written to attract, engage and convert humans. That’s why we only work with established talented local writers.