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Why A Software Audit Is the First Step in A Digital Strategy

Before you start actioning any online marketing plan you need to make sure that you have the right systems, software, and processes in place. If you don’t, when you try to implement these techniques you ’ll quickly turn an inexpensive process into a very expensive, time-consuming one.


  • A responsive, user-friendly website
  • A contact form plugin that links to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and email marketing system.
  • A CRM that’s linked to your form plugin and email marketing system
  • An email marketing system that allows for automation and is linked to your form capture and CRM.

If you don’t have ALL of these set up and linked to each other (sending data automatically so you have no manual or duplicate data entry) give us a call so we can get you sorted.

Most of the marketing guides online right now neglect to speak about software or integrations because they know when the reader tries to action the advice they will become so overwhelmed that they will end up contacting that marketing agency to take over the process.

The problem with an agency setting up your software is that they are very unlikely to be software experts. This means that you will either get a patch job or they will recommend you change to their go-to software suite (which they probably recommend to all their clients and use themselves.)

If you go this route I can almost guarantee you will end paying a lot more than you need to (because their proposed solution may include features you don’t need) and you’ll probably be stuck with a solution that doesn’t speak to any of your other core systems (meaning you can’t automate processes, leverage big data and cut costs in the long-term.)

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